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Best All Inclusive Deals Reykjavik

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As the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik holds enormous importance to the country. It is the hub of political, financial and cultural activity in a country that's often overlooked by tourists. The majority of visitors come to see the extraordinary natural wonders of the country, with many not realizing that Reykjavik itself is a vibrant city with plenty to offer. With humble beginnings, Reykjavik has grown to be a sprawling metropolis with several suburbs, but unlike many cities of its type, it has not given into the trappings of modern expansion. The city centre itself is relatively small and has maintained its cultural heritage, with intriguing architecture and a peaceful atmosphere. With a wide variety of things to see and do, combined with stunning natural beauty, it's no surprise that Reykjavik is rapidly gaining in popularity as an alternative tourist destination.

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Architectural Landmarks in Reykjavik

This city is one where exploring is greatly rewarded, and you'll probably want to spend most of your time here on foot, wandering through the eclectic streets to find things to see or do. Due to the lack of modern planning that went into the building of the city, you'll often stumble across clashes in architectural style or buildings whose appearances will deceive you. For example, the building known as the Alþingi looks fairly unassuming from the outside, but is actually the seat of the Icelandic Parliament, and is well worth a visit, both for architectural interest and those looking to see where the power lies in the capital. Other popular buildings include the Reykjavík Cathedral (which has been renovated beautifully) and the City Hall, which is another architectural landmark.

Reykjavik Parks and Natural Beauty

Reykjavik is well known for being a city that holds immense natural beauty, and you'll find a number of parks scattered throughout its different areas. Tjornin is a beautiful lake right in the centre of Reykjavik which is calm and peaceful all year round, while Austurvollur is another park well worth a visit which is particularly popular with the locals. These parks are a great sport for a picnic or just to explore and enjoy the relaxing natural surroundings of the city.

Museums and Galleries in Reykjavik

Another popular activity in Reykjavik is to visit one of its many museums, which offer a taste of Icelandic history, art, and wider heritage. The National Gallery of Iceland is popular, with the most important work by Icelandic artists over the last few hundred years combined with works by famous names such as Munch or Picasso. The Reykjavik Art Museum serves up another whirlwind of Icelandic art, with this museum focusing primarily on artists local to the surrounding area.

Music, Theatre and Reykjavik Culture

Reykjavik may be a relatively small city, but it's certainly not a boring one in terms of culture. The people here are proud of their strong cultural traditions and they excel in a number of different art forms. For example, the music scene here is constantly evolving and always has plenty to offer newcomers. If you're looking for a live show in almost any genre, you're likely to find it here. Equally, theatre is another popular form of expression in the city, with a mixture of large, more commercial products and smaller, more independent shows being ever present.

Best All Inclusive Deals Reykjavik

Accommodation in Reykjavik seems to be either cheap for the budget traveller or expensive for the visitor who wants a bit more luxury and rarely anything costing in between. However that being said there can still be deals on Best All Inclusive Deals Reykjavik, hotels, bed and breakfasts. guesthouses, hostels and other lodging in Reykjavik.

The cheapest option for budget travellers going to Reykjavík will be to stay in many of the affordable hostels, guesthouses, B&B's or check the hotel prices and see if you are going in when they have lowered room rates. Hostels in Reykjavík are becoming increasingly popular.

If you have a larger budget the hotels in Reykjavik are beautiful and they all offer fantastic services and their own unique designs. Like most cities around the world Reykjavík hotels range from 1 to 5 star. 5 star hotels in Reykjavík are the more luxurious.

So whether you're looking for a small single room in a dorm, Best All Inclusive Deals Reykjavik or a 4 or 5 star resort hotel – Reykjavík will have your perfect accommodation.

As with all hotels (or any type of accommodation) in every city, there are no booking fees with Simply Hotels. Booking fees are expensive and avoidable. We compare prices of Best All Inclusive Deals Reykjavik and show you how much it would be to book. We will also show you if that company has a booking fee so you can choose the cheapest way to book your hotel or accommodation.

Reykjavík is a unique city, with a wide range of activities, natural areas, and cultural aspects that make it well worth a visit. It's perhaps a slightly strange city, in that it doesn't really feel like a capital city, or a political or financial focal point. Having held onto its heritage, and with such a relaxed atmosphere, the city hasn't grown too fast nor pushed the boundaries of modern urban planning, which makes it an incredibly interesting place to visit. As an excellent stopping point for those looking to visit other areas of the country, whilst also being a fantastic city in its own right, Reykjavík really is becoming a popular alternative to more traditional destinations.

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