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Istanbul Swiss Hotel

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Istanbul is arguably the most important city in Turkey, housing almost 20 million people (making it one of the most heavily populated cities in the world) and representing enormous historical significance. Whilst Ankara may be the capital of the country, Istanbul is often mistaken as the capital due to its size, importance, and popularity among tourists. Istanbul is an extraordinary city, perhaps almost by default due to its location, lying along the banks of the Bosphorous, which links the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, and thus acting as a symbolic (and physical) bridge between Asia and Europe. Historically, this has meant that Istanbul holds enormous importance for trade, and thus it has been the heart of several huge empires (in particular the late Roman empire, the Byzantine empire, and lastly the Ottoman empire). This importance has led it to become one of the most interesting cities in the world from a cultural perspective, with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. It is for these reasons that so many tourists choose to visit Istanbul, either as part of a longer holiday to one of Turkey's many beach resorts, or as a lengthy trip to explore one of the world's great cities.

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Popular Tourist Destinations and Landmarks in Istanbul

Perhaps the first thing you'll want to do when you start exploring Istanbul is to take in some of the historical monuments that dominate areas of the city. In particular, head to the area of Sultanahmet Square, where you'll find famous monuments such as the Topkapi palace and the Basilica Cistern. A walk around the old city is also a must, with stunning architecture and beautiful monuments scattered around the area. You can combine a trip to the Church of St Savior in the old city with a trip to the impressive Theodosian walls, which acted as the first line of defence in the late Roman empire, and remain in excellent condition.

There are plenty of other areas to explore, of course, and you'll almost certainly want to head to Taksim Square, which is really the heartbeat of the city and from which you can explore several distinct areas of the city. If you're interested in a bizarre amalgamation of architecture, head to New Istanbul, which is the financial centre of the city, and perhaps the financial centre of Turkey itself. Skyscrapers abound in this area of the city, but in the same district stunning neo-classical architecture dominates certain neighbourhoods. Perhaps one of the most popular things to do in Istanbul is to visit one of its many baths, or Hamams as they are known locally. These are incredibly historic and culturally significant areas of relaxation, and are truly an experience, so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, visiting a Hamam would be ideal.

Shopping in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul is perhaps more intriguing than in any other city in the world. Driven by its huge importance to the trade networks of the world, the city's markets are a densely packed micro-economy with an almost unbelievable range of goods on offer. Traditional treats such as Turkish Delight or stunning rugs are readily available, but if you're not willing to haggle, the markets probably aren't for you. Sellers will attempt to charge extortionately high prices to tourists and it's easy to spend double or three times an item's true value. Having said that, haggling is a way of life here, and it is absolutely expected that you will not pay the first price quoted, so don't be afraid to bid very low for an item and try to get the best price possible.

Eating Out in Istanbul

Food in Istanbul is excellent and wide-ranging, with options to suit any budget. Some of the street-food is excellent, although try to avoid those in tourist hotspots, while traditional Turkish restaurants are well-priced and offer excellent cuisine.

Istanbul Swiss Hotel

If you are travelling to Istanbul and need somewhere to stay, you are not going to find this to be problem. Istanbul has thousands of accommodation options to suit everyone's budget and taste. From luxury 5 star hotels to very cheap hostels and everything in between, you will be sure to find Istanbul Swiss Hotel.

There are so many accommodation options available to a traveller, the best way to start would be to choose the area that suits your needs and interest and look for your kind of Istanbul Swiss Hotel in that area. Most visitors stay in Sultanahmet which is the heart of Istanbul. Sultanahmet can cater to every taste imaginable, from homely B&B's, cheap hostels, boutique hotels to luxury resorts.

Istanbul is a very popular city; therefore at peak times it is advised that you book your Istanbul Swiss Hotel early to avoid disappointment as the best hotels book up fast.

As with all hotels (or any type of accommodation) in every city, there are no booking fees with Simply Hotels. Booking fees are expensive and avoidable. We compare prices of Istanbul Swiss Hotel and show you how much it would be to book. We will also show you if that company has a booking fee so you can choose the cheapest way to book your hotel or accommodation.

Overall Istanbul is a bustling and exciting city, with centuries of history and cultural development. A unique place to visit and one which will stay with you forever, Istanbul is truly one of the great cities of the world.

Things to do in Istanbul / Istanbul Attractions


  • Ataturk International Airport
  • Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

Convention Centres

  • Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center
  • CNR International Expo Center


  • Besiktas
  • Sisli
  • Bakirkoy
  • Beyoglu
  • Kadikoy

Landmark or Monuments

  • Taksim Square
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque


  • Atakoy Marina


  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Istanbul Archaeology Museums
  • Chora Museum
  • Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Shopping Areas

  • Cevahir Shopping Centre
  • Istiklal Avenue
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Capitol Shopping Center
  • Kanyon Shopping Mall
  • Istinye Park

Stadium or Arenas

  • Ali Sami Yen Stadi

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