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Munich is one of the largest, most populous, cities in Germany and has long been regarded as an area of huge cultural and architectural importance. The city may have suffered badly from bombing during World War II, but it has rebuilt itself in many areas, creating an excellent mixture of the traditional and the contemporary.

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich remains an important city in many areas of both German and European life, while millions of tourists visit every year looking for authentic Bavarian culture.

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Museums in Munich
Germans are always keen to learn, and Munich is a testament to that fact. There are dozens of excellent museums which are popular with locals and tourists alike. Particular highlights include the BMW museum, the Deutsches Museum, and the Haus Der Kunst. All of these are worth visiting, but it’s a good idea to take a longer look at the list of possible museums to see what catches your eye; after all, most of the museums are very specific in their nature so won’t appeal to everyone.

Munich Architecture and Parks
When exploring Munich, you will find areas of extreme natural beauty, most notably in one of the city’s parks, but you will also find examples of incredible architecture. The Schloss Nymphenburg palace and Residenz castle are undoubtedly worth a trip, while you will probably see plenty of visually stunning buildings as you walk around the city.

Eating Out in Munich and Bavarian Cuisine
Food in Munich is all about immersing yourself in the Bavarian culture. Whilst there are hundreds of restaurants in Munich, the majority of the food is traditional Bavarian cuisine, which will appeal greatly to some and not so much to others.  If you’re worried about an overload of Bavarian food, there are still plenty of options in terms of international cuisine, with the city offering you a huge range which includes Afghan, Irish, and even Serbian food. Some of the most popular dishes in Munch include a traditional breakfast sausage (Weißwurst), which is often served with some sort of wheat beer, and roasted pork (Schweinsbraten) which is a must-eat if you’re spending any amount of time in this part of the world.

Drink, Beer and Oktoberfest in Munich
Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Munich (and more generally Bavaria) without talking about beer. It is a vitally important part of the Bavarian identity and many cultural events in Munich centre around it, most famously Oktoberfest, which continues to be massively popular among tourists.
The city is famous for its many beer gardens, which come in all shapes and sizes and are well worth visiting. The Hirschgarten, for example, is large enough to hold 8000 people and even includes a small zoo, making it a truly unique experience. The sheer range of beers that will be available to you may seem overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to ask one of the locals, they will be happy to help you and glad to see you taking an interest in such an important part of their culture.

Munich Shopping and Markets
Shopping in Munich is a real treat, and relatively unique in comparison to many of the more westernized cities around Europe. Finding a copy of the “Haben & Sein magazine” will help you a great deal when looking for the best shopping in the city, since it contains all the latest information. There are districts catering specifically to those looking for luxury products and plenty of shopping centers that sell almost anything imaginable. However, perhaps the most exciting part about shopping in Munich is the opportunity to visit the markets. While Munich is well-known for its Christmas markets, which are wide-ranging and a visual feast, there are several markets which take place throughout the city on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter if your stay in Munich is short and sweet or a long holiday, there will be accommodation to suit everyone. Choose from cheap backpackers, luxury hotels, boutique hotels, little B&B’s to [keyword]. One of the good things about Munich hotels is even the budget hotels are close to the main tourist attractions and in or near the city centre.

It’s easy to see, therefore, why so many people choose to visit Munich, and it’s no surprise that the city continues to grow in stature and size each year. Those coming to Munich generally know exactly what to expect, but are still surprised by just how impressive the city can be.

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