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Singapore is both a country and a colossal city that holds approximately 5 million people in one of the most densely populated spaces in the world. Despite this, Singapore is well-known for a surprising amount of greenery and has numerous beautiful public gardens which make it a fantastic place to visit. The city's multicultural and modern characteristics make it an incredibly interesting place to visit, with an endless list of things to see and do, whilst you may find yourself mesmerized by the hustle and bustle of this sprawling metropolis. One of the most important things to understand about Singapore is that each district of the city has its own characteristics and unique features, which means you may have to travel to several parts of the city in a short space of time in order to see everything you want, but you can also immerse yourself completely in whichever district you find most enjoyable.

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Parks and Museums in Singapore

For museums and to discover the history of the country, head to the Bras Basah district which has several beautiful buildings and thoroughly interesting museums. Museums range from the arts to natural history but you probably won't be able to visit them all during your trip, so try to choose a select few before you arrive. Singapore is not famous for its museums and, whilst they are well worth a visit, they are not necessarily worth planning your trip around. On the other hand, some of the nature you'll find in Singapore is simply incredible, with some of the most exciting destinations including the Jurong Bird Park and the Night Safari, both of which are a truly memorable experience. There are a variety of other gardens and sanctuaries scattered around the city, so it's a good idea again to plan ahead to see if there's any which pique your interest before you arrive.

Singapore Resorts and Relaxing Beaches

To get away from the busy city centre, head to the east coast or to one of the islands in the south, since these all have beautiful tourist resorts and relaxing beaches. Visiting the coast is a great way to get away from the city which, at times, can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to living in a densely populated space.

Beautiful Singapore Temples and Religious Sites

Another way to get away from the crowds of people, without actually physically travelling away, is to visit some of the temples and other religious sites around the city. There are vast monasteries and beautiful temples, for a variety of the world's religions, scattered around the city which are well worth a visit.

Eating Out in Singapore

If you're looking to enjoy some of the best food Singapore has to offer, you'll want to head to one of three districts. Chinatown is, of course, well-known for its incredible Chinese food, while Little India is equally impressive when it comes to the flavours of India. If you're looking for Malay or Arab food, you'll want to head to Kampong Glam. These three areas should serve you extremely well, but don't be afraid to venture to the coast for some seafood or try out some of the restaurants you see whilst exploring the city.

Shopping in Singapore

As you can probably imagine, the fact that Singapore is one of the most modern cities in the world makes it one of the most impressive places for shopping that you are ever likely to find. Head to Orchard Road for a myriad of shopping malls with everything you could ever want (often at excellent prices) whilst there are thousands of small boutiques and other stores throughout the city streets.


Hotels in Singapore cater to a massive range of styles; from budget backpackers, boutique guesthouses in Chinatown to luxury hotels in Casino City (Marina Bay) and the theme park island Sentosa.

If you do not have the budget for the more luxury hotels in the city centre, backpackers would be advised to rent dorm rooms. Although these places may be cheap the free WiFi and free breakfasts makes it worthwhile.

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Visiting Singapore is a very special experience, and you will almost certainly be impressed at the way it combines modern life with relaxed sanctuary. The city itself is delightfully welcoming and friendly, with a multicultural atmosphere and a youthful vibe. Overall, Singapore is an excellent tourist destination and one which will leave you with many lasting memories.

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