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Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city and the capital of Catalonia, with almost 2 million people living within the city limits. It is an incredible place with a history as rich as its culture, and as such has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Following the Olympics in 1992, Barcelona has grown rapidly and now combines many of the features of a modern city with ancient architecture and traditional ideals, producing an exciting city that will not disappoint.

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Ancient Heritage and Architecture
Visiting Barcelona is all about embracing the ancient heritage of the city and experiencing it in your own way. Taking a walk on La Rambla may put you in the midst of thousands of other tourists, but it’s still one of the most exciting streets in the whole of Europe and well worth doing. A visit to Ciutat Vella (the oldest part of the city) is an important part of any trip, and will give you a chance to see some of the amazing architecture that was produced hundreds of years ago. It’s a good idea to schedule some time to explore the amazing fountains, palaces and religious buildings that are scattered around the city, since this is perhaps the best way to experience Barcelona.

Events and Festivals in Barcelona
Any visit to Barcelona will be action-packed, such is the nature of this fast-paced city, but it’s worth researching the events that will be taking place here during your stay. For example, the Sonar music festival is popular among young people and takes place in the month of June each year, while the Festes de la Mercè sees the whole of Barcelona come together during September for fireworks, processions, and plenty of drinking. For a taste of Catalan culture, the Festes de Gràcia is a week-long celebration involving great food, drink, and live music.

Dining in Barcelona
Dining in Barcelona can be a bit of a minefield; as with many cities that play host to millions of tourists, it can be difficult to find truly authentic food, or even just food that doesn’t cost twice what you would pay elsewhere. Stay away from modern restaurants that are primarily frequented by tourists and try to stick to places that are enjoyed by the locals; you might have to do a bit of exploring, and you may have to travel a little bit away from the city centre, but it will almost certainly be worth it. An excellent area to try is Barceloneta, which has always been popular among the locals and is where you’ll find some excellent Spanish cuisine.

Shopping in Barcelona
Shopping in Barcelona is certainly a treat, with numerous markets and exciting boutiques open throughout the year. As with any major tourist city, try to avoid areas that are popular with tourists, since you’ll often find the prices dramatically higher than in other areas of the city. Ciutat Vella is well known for smaller fashion boutiques where you’ll find some of the latest styles available, while those looking for some of the major designer labels should head to Grácia.

Barcelona also has several department stores that will help you find anything you could possibly want, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything you wouldn’t find in any other major city; for that reason, it’s best to stick to smaller stores and the shops that are particularly popular with the locals.

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Barcelona is a city filled with opportunity and is one of the few cities that can honestly say it lives up to the hype which surrounds it. You will rarely see a bad word said about the city and the majority of people will struggle to explain just how impressive it is. Whether you’re looking for ancient architecture or the fast-paced life of a modern city, Barcelona will not disappoint.

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